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1st December 2018
Sadly we reach the end of our 2018 Campaign with little oil left to sell at this stage : about 11 kg at today's date see present offer & / or reserve for next year

20th August 2018
Free DHL tracked delivery world wide for all products when you spend more than GBP £150 per order

15th August 2018
We are reaching slowly the end of 2018 campaign that was very successful in many ways : quantity and quality. Soon we will have no more products to sell to trade but only a little stock kept as every year for the online business. Sadly we will not be able to offer deals outside the online offers. If you need a bulk offer please contact us now  . 

26th July 2018
We have now 61 kg Cultivated and 5 kg Wild ...

17th July 2018

We are waiting any day for the latest 2018 analysis from the lab. Would you like to receive a copy ? please reply below
We have finished all productions in Corsica and have now only 75 kg available in cultivated Corsican oil &10 kg only in wild Corsican oil.

24th June 2018

-Australia: We had a call from our freight forwarder telling us that new regulations have been imposed to all companies for export to Australia. We are liaising with their Embassy and regret not to be able to make expedition to this country until the situation becomes resolved.

15th June 2018

-Corsica : Collection of plants in the wild have started last week and the first distillation with expedition took place already. \one more to go.
All production to address distillation is in progress too with 100 kg already made and expedited. \weather has been very kind and oil quality is better than ever . We still have a little to sell for late orders

-Balkans : Oil in Herzegovina, thanks to the extremely good weather, production is in progress too .

31st May 2018

What a difference with only 3 months ago !!
We have plenty oil from Herzegovina available but only about 72 kg from Corsica cultivated and 6 kg from Corsica wild . Hurry to order at yet still low prices ....

29th May 2018

We had lots of rain and we are grateful as it was much needed. Weather has been excellent for May and harvest with distillation seems to be earlier by 3 weeks compare to last year, more for the wild crops.
GDPR is now in effect in Europe since the 25th of May officially. We understand partially how it works and what we are suppose to do. We know that is is intimately linked with privacy and it is good as spam was too much. I think that a bubble is burst ! I have cleared as a result my in box removing ALL emails dated years and kept only what is related with existing customers with invoices etc as it is mandatory legally in the UK . We need to keep it 7 years.
However we have changed our way of working . What we will do is :

-Informing customers (here) or directly if absolutely needed of our operation, news etc.
-We will email no prospects any more like as we did before. Should you have any question please use our contact form and we will answer by return. Of course all orders are and will be honored with updates sent accordingly. Business is as usual.

Stock : we have now almost sold out all production ( except oil from our Balkan's partners) by reservation. Please contact us for any last orders or use our shop online to buy modest amounts. We still have free freight offers available

17th February 2018

The weather this year so far in France and for the rest of Europe has been quite chaotic.

Helichrysum is a robust plant and will survive easily but the combination of low rain since September 2017 and the snow in February and March 2018 will have a consequence for the yield and total production achieved. We anticipate this year to be 20% down in volume ( around 330 kg compared with 410 kg in 2017 ) . The good news is that without water the plant finds its way deeper down and the lack of water increase the quality level. We think that our Neryl Acetate level will be around 40%+ this year.

Our 12 helichrysum cultivated fields have been affected by the low temperatures & “burnettes” ( left ) had to be used this year again mainly at night in order to warm up the air & the frosted ground. Cost is of course extremely high ( around 3 € per night & per unit )
We would once again recommend you to reserve your oil now if possible.
This will help us with cash-flow as from September to July each year we have no income & high outgoings with equipment, material, etc. It would enable you to  secure your E.O availability & price [ not yet updated ( it will be very early April...) ].
Contact us please with an estimation of your needs in kg for the July 2018 delivery and we will make you an offer.