Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil Corsica

Prime Booster Blend 100 gr+

Macerate Prime Booster for all skin issues : Dermatis, Psoriasis, Viteligo, Eczema, Haematoma, Inflammation, Fungicidal,
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Healing Remedies and holistic approaches to recover skin health

What Helichrysum and other oils could do for you should you be most unfortunate to be affected by one ... By the way we really think that the medical world will open up to the idea of essential oils, and plant medicine in general : not only Helichrysum italicum (0) but Clove oil (1) , Clary Sage (2) , Frankincense (3), Lavender (4), Myrrh (5) .

The research now catches up to the single molecule isolationist approach to medical problems. The cancers that we see nowadays are just as violent and debilitating to one's life as ever before, and we feel that an open mind to mother nature would be a good thing for the medical field. In fact, even if you’re a cancer patient going through chemotherapy, I urge patients to incorporate other natural healing into your regime, including essential oils.

It’s not an all or nothing thing. It’s not like chemo or oils. No, it could be both.

  1. Helichrysum Italicum : Research published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine demonstrates the anticancer ability of Helichrysum. In vitro study reveals the antitumor actions of extracts of this plant while its anticancer ability was selective and dose-dependent, but the research is one of several studies highlighting the potential for helichrysum to be used effectively to fight Cancer.

It is important to realise that one the main active component is neryl acetate ( Flash point‎: ‎99 °C , Chemical formula‎: ‎C12H20O2 , typically in Corsica ab 39% of our EO, probably the highest level in the world ! ) is a main active component of this EO, contributing to pain relief attributed to the synergetic effect with the occurrence of italidiones. This class of molecules is also reputed to have anti-haematomal properties so that H. italicum EO is often called the ‘super arnica of aromatherapy’. That is why this useful phlebotonic is indicated for couperose skin (red veins), haematoma (even old haematomas), thrombosis and the prevention of bruises. When H. italicum EO is blended with some other specific Eo’s named below, the mixtures are thought to be anti-allergenic. So, these aromatherapy prescriptions could be helpful in cases of asthma, hay fever or eczema and in the fight against Cancer

  1. Clove Oil : Eugenol has a dual effect on oxidative stress, which can action as an antioxidant or prooxidant agent. In addition, it has anti-carcinogenic, cytotoxic and antitumor properties
  2. Clary Sage : A primary component of clary sage essential oil, sclareol, has shown some promising anti-cancer effects in lab tests. Over the last couple of decades but as recently as this year (2015), studies have emerged that analyze sclareol's effect on cancer cells.
  3. Frankincense : Arguably one of the most potent medicinal EO out there, recent research studies suggest that frankincense not only kills cancer cells, but it also promotes health and vitality in neighboring non-cancerous cells.
  4. Lavender : Chinese researchers observed that lavender essential oil would upregulate all three major antioxidant enzyme levels in mice within the first day of treatment. In Romania, researchers noted similar activity using inhaled lavender for an hour each day and, according to the study, “Taken together, our results suggest that antioxidant and antiapoptotic activities of the lavender essential oils are the major mechanisms for their potent neuroprotective effects against scopolamine-induced oxidative stress in the rat brain,” that can lead to severe illness and cancer.
  5. Myrrh : The ability myrrh essential oil has in healing cancer is becoming a popular topic in the industry. One of the most thorough studies on the topic was published in the journal Oncology Letters in 2013, and this is what they discovered about frankincense and myrrh oils: “The effects of the two essential oils, independently and as a mixture, on five tumor cell lines, MCF-7, HS-1, HepG2, HeLa, and A549, were investigated using the MTT assay. The results indicated that the MCF-7 and HS-1 cell lines showed increased sensitivity to the myrrh and frankincense essential oils compared with the remaining cell lines. In addition, the anticancer effects of myrrh were markedly increased compared with those of frankincense, however, no significant synergistic effects were identified.

We recommend our MPB -Macerate Prime Booster- a extremely powerful skin use blend of our 98% Macerate Booster + 2% EO’s composed of : 70% helichrysum Italicum, 10% Lavender and 5% of each of the other oils ( Clove, C.Sage, Frankinsense, and Myrrh ). This very powerful blend can be used daily on affected area of the skin.

Note that BECAUSE studies have only been performed in cell cultures (ie. the 'petri-dish') or in animals, the medical body does not allow a correlation yet to be made to the potential effects on cancerous conditions of humans. SO, to be clear: our MPB it is not intended yet to treat, cure or prevent any disease. As always refer to your GP for medical advice. Understand that we are not promoting against the conventional model unless expressing your free will and that’s what you want to do. But if you’re doing conventional treatment, chemo along with essential oils could well make the chemo even more effective…

In all cases consult your GP please