Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil Corsica



immortelle macerate
Macerate is a very powerful product designed to treat and repair your skin


The ancients in Corsica called it "Tocc'a Marreda "
The triple maceration and filtering process
The first maceration is with the flowers soaked in hot oil ( 35°C) to have their cell membranes ruptured so "hot oil" then can absorbs the essence. The oil is decanted and filtered after one month

The 2nd & 3rd maceration are made at room temperature filtered monthly,  recharged every time. Once finished and before packing we add 1 % of rich Corsican Helichysum essential oil in order to boost-charge further its already strong properties.
It is the traditional macerate with an average of 3% added wild helichrysum containing about 40% neryl acetate.

Make no mistake : it is a very powerful product able to address all known skin issue problems !

Trying is believing : Studies have demonstrated that it in average 235 times more effective than any  cream skin care to treat and repair wrinkles
Make no mistake : Our macerates are very powerful but because of this they should be used with moderation with doctor's advice. Unlike pure essential oil that is not recommended to be swallowed, Macerate can be 1 or 2 drops on a sugar cube or in a liquid. Water is fine. Its homeopathic diluted effect will do wonder. 

Use our Macerate for all skin conditions below but all for skin care as a Massage oil, After shampoo to boost the quality of your hair, or brush your teeth with a few drops on your tooth brush to vitalise your gums

Helichrysum Italicum from Corsica is a natural medicinal plant utilised to make a most beneficial essential oil that boasts many different full-body benefits due to its anti-inflammatory , antifungal and antioxidant properties , enzyme inhibition, free radical scavenging activity and corticoid-like effects.

Helichrysum is a member of the Asteraceae plant family and its best speciment comes from Corsica, a French island of the Mediterranean region, where it’s been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Other countries like Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, and Bosnia and Herzegovina produce it but the quality achieve is much lower with Neryl Acetate levels around 8% compare to 38%+ in Corsica.

It can be used in dozens of different ways to boost health and ward off disease. Some of its most popular uses are for treating wounds, infections, digestive problems, supporting the nervous system and heart health, and healing respiratory conditions.

1. Skin protection
Use Macerate from Corsican helichrysum italicum essential oil for soothing and healing the skin, combine with our extra virgin organic olive carrier oil and rub the mixture onto the face to prevent hives, redness, blemishes, rashes and shaving irritation or soothing any itching.

2. Sunburn Relief
Helichrysum Macerate can help hydrate burnt skin and relieve the pain following sunburns. It can also decrease signs of aging on the skin and block UV-light damage that can contribute to the formation of skin cancer. You can mix a small amount of the oil with a bit of coconut oil and apply it directly to the affected area to relieve pain and support healthy skin renewal.

3. Acne Treatment
According to medical studies, helichrysum Macerate has strong antibiotic and antimicrobial properties that make it a great natural cure for acne, for it works without drying the skin or causing redness and other unwanted side effects such as chemical other lines...

4. Natural Candida Cure
The special compounds in helichrysum oil composing our Macerate  — called acetophenones, phloroglucinols and terpenoids — appear to demonstrate antifungal actions against Candida growth in clinical studies. Helichrysum also helps soothe the digestive tract, battle inflammation within the gut lining, boost immunity, and speed up the process of recovering from the Candida virus.

5. Anti-Inflammatory
The hypotensive action of helichrysum Macerate improves the condition of blood vessels by lowering inflammation, increasing smooth muscle function and lowering high blood pressure

6. Natural Digestive and Diuretic
Helichrysum helps stimulate the secretion of gastric juices that are needed to break down food and prevent indigestion. For thousands of years in Turkish folk medicine, the oil was used as a diuretic, helping to reduce bloating by drawing excess water out of the body, and for relieving stomachaches. The flowers of Helichrysum italicum are also a traditional remedy for the treatment of various intestinal complaints and are used as an herbal tea for curing digestive, stomach-related, damaged gut and intestinal diseases.

7. Liver Stimulator and Liver Detoxifier
Known to be an antispasmodic, blood purifier and anti-inflammatory, helichrysum has been used as a liver stimulant and detoxifier for centuries.

8. Natural Cancer Protector
Clinical research indicates that helichrysum Macerate contains special flavonoid antioxidant compounds that inhibit oxidative stress and cancer growth. In addition, studies found the extract to be effective at protecting against radiation-induced DNA damage, cell mutation and death, and cancerous tumor growth. Its photoprotective activities, especially due to acetophenones and phloroglucinol compounds, have been demonstrated both in animals and humans studies.
9. Antiviral That Increases Immunity
Since a large portion of the immune system is actually located within the gut, the gut-healing and anti-inflammatory properties of helichrysum help it effectively boost immunity. In clinical studies, the flavonoids and phloroglucinols of helichrysum oil showed inhibition of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, even powerful enough to help decrease the risk of contracting the HIV virus.

10. Natural Hemorroid Soother
To help reduce pain and swelling of hemorrhoids, apply 3-4 drops with a cotton ball to the affected area. Repeat every few hours as needed to ease pain, inflammation and swelling.

11. Kidney Stone Reliever
Helichrysum Macerate may reduce the risk of kidney stones by supporting and detoxifying the kidneys and liver. Put two drops of citrus oils like lemon, lime, wild orange or grapefruit in your water two times daily. With helichrysum oil, rub topically over lower abdomen two times daily.

12. Natural Multiple Sclerosis Preventer
It helps support the neurological system and alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Rub two drops of oil on the body three times a day for three weeks, then take one week off and repeat that cycle.

13. Pain Reliever
Research also indicates that helichrysum Macerate decreases muscle pain by lowering swelling, inflammation and improving circulation. This helps support the healing of nerves, joints and muscle tissue — making it an effective natural treatment for pain-related symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia and exercise-related injuries. You can use it along with lavender oil, which is also excellent to reduce pain and emotional stress.

How exactly does helicrysum Macerate do so much for the human body ?
According to studies done so far, scientists believe that part of the reason is the strong antioxidant properties — especially in the form of acetophenones and phloroglucinols — present within helichrysum oil.In particular, helichrysum plants of the Asteraceae family are prolific producers of a host of different metabolites, including pyrones, triterpenoids and sesquiterpenes in addition to its flavonoids, acetophenones and phloroglucinol.

Helichyrsum’s protective properties are expressed partly like a corticoid-like steroid, helping to lower inflammation by inhibiting action in different pathways of arachidonic acid metabolism.

Helichrysum oil is described as having a sweet and fruity smell, with honey or nectar overtones. Many people find the smell to be warming, uplifting and comforting — and since the aroma has a grounding quality, it even assists in releasing emotional blocks.The quality of the essential oil determines its therapeutic effectiveness – this should not be forgotten so always prefer Corsican oil in order not to be disappointed...
Pure Macerate 1 kg
Pure Macerate for all skin issues : Dermatis, Psoriasis, Viteligo, Eczema, Haematoma, Inflammation, Fungicidal,
Macerate Booster 500 gr
Macerate Booster for all skin issues : Dermatis, Psoriasis, Viteligo, Eczema, Haematoma, Inflammation, Fungicidal,