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Update on 2018 campaign to be : To date at time of writing ( 15th April 2018 ) we have about 50 kg Corsican Oil available for sale to the trade beside the web lines, in all less than last year ( read this please )  . Please do not wait to reserve your needs .

Update on 2017 campaign : We produced 412 kg of 100% pure & therapeutic Corsican helichrysum Italicum. It did take one year of hard work to reach this stage . All winter 7 families were in the fields preparing the plants, carefully protecting them from frost if any, keeping material, equipment, trucks and tractors in good shape. Large amounts of moneys were invested at high risk as lots could have happened .
Helichrysum Italicum from Corsica, ssp Serotinum & Italicum has a rich sweet, creamy delicate fragrance with fruity honey, tea and spicy warm overtones.  It is one of the most effective of all essential oils for reducing scar tissue , stretch marks or any dermatological  issues. It excels when included in all forms of detox blends since it stimulates the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and spleen.

2015 / 2016 Reminders : We have produced in 2016 a total of 299 kg of oil using 345 metric Tons of Immortelle / helichrysum plants. Note that unlike others we do not use the stems but only the top yellow buds (sommit├ęs). Stem use increase yield by 35%+, lower artificially the price accordingly but also reduce dramatically the quality. Each year yield increase as well as quality as roots go deeper in the soil.
  • Our 2016 analysis tells you that the combination of Italidione + Neryl Acetate + Lemonene + Curcumene + Nerol = 60%+ !
  • 2015 analysis is for you info here
  • if you contemplate purchasing hydrolat, floral water -min 1000 litre container ex works Marseille - its analysis is also available for you.
helichrysum italicum seratinum
helichrysum italicum immortelle

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