Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil Corsica



Our beautiful and rich Corsican Helichrysum Floral Water or hydrolat are produced without any added alcohol. Our floral water is a 100% natural ingredient and the result of steam distillation during the creation of our essential oils . Use it with your skincare product to make a wonderful natural toner or as an ingredient in creams and lotions to relief from aches and pains.  Get with our floral water a healthy glow and ensure your skin never looks dull.

helichrysum hydrolat floral water

Sorry we do not offer small packaging such as 1 kg etc . Only the 2 sizes in the picture.
x 2 Containers : CIF Marseilles Harbour France
x 10 Barrels : CIF Marseilles Harbour France

Transport cost are high and delivering floral water in distant countries can be a challenge. This is why we only offer our floral waters Ex-works ( to make it easier we can deliver to the port of Marseilles, but only by 1000 litres = 1 container or 5 barrels ).

UPDATE >> 4th of July 2019 : 5 x 1000 litres available