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Helichrysum Italicum from Čapljina
Čapljina is a municipality in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the valley of the Neretva River and its tributaries Bregava, Trebižat and Krupa. With its location in the south of Herzegovina and the proximity of the Adriatic Sea, it has an extraordinary geographical position. The Mediterranean climate, low relief and a wide openness favours an abundance of natural resources. The region of Herzegovina has always been fruitful for growing many crops because of the special composition of the soil, its favourable climatic conditions and the large number of sunny days.

Eko aromatik ( read brochure ) was founded in 2015. Its main business is the production and processing of essential oils with Helichrysum Italicum having a prime importance in its production.

Continual investment in human resources and modern processes of cultivation and production guarantees the quality of their products.

  • Our company is proud to present their last oil analysis ( doc ). The Herzegovina variety is very special and has the highest levels of potentially anti-inflammatory curcumenes, with a sweet aroma very similar to the Corsican.
  • Trust very much Eko Aromatik for the quality of its oil. Their web site, worth the detour, is here
  • The company is fully Organic certified with Ogranska Kontrola  No. 2016020-018-17
  • They are fully USDA certified with ETKO – NOP/USDA CERTIFICATION ( NOP ID: 9963223101 & Client ID: BH-3223D-01.2017 NOP, BH-3223F-01.2017 NOP ). Please download brochure for details.
  • They use vacuum distillation designed by http://agronova.se/index.php/distillation/
  • Free delivery 500 & 1000 gr for EEC, China & HK, USA + CANADA
  • Buy direct with Eko Aromatik, in units of 1 kg for 3 kg+ ( their preference is 5 kg + ) with us otherwise...